Shipping Warehouse Expansion

Filer City, MI

Industry: Pulp and Paper

Project Scope

Since the previous warehouse was not large enough to meet storage needs, the client tasked CR Meyer with the construction of a new 17,000 square foot warehouse to store paper rolls produced from their #1 & #2 paper machines. Increased storage capacity allowed for more flexibility with shipping and eliminated the concern of not being able to protect valuable product.

In order for PCA to maintain daily shipping operations, construction of the new warehouse occurred in two phases. During the first phase, two existing docks were used. The use of these docks caused an increase in truck traffic which required additional scheduling considerations for concrete pump trucks and cranes.

PCA needed to operate from the first phase of the building while construction continued on the second phase. As a result, CR Meyer installed a weather tight temporary wall in between the first and second phases of the building. Construction of the wall ensured protection of the paper being stored as well as allowed day to day operations to continue.

Project Stats

  • Size of Facility: 17,000 SF
  • CR Meyer Self-Performed: Concrete Foundations, Flatwork, Carpentry, Structural Steel Erection, and Metal Siding/Roof Deck Installation
I want to send a sincere thank you to all CR Meyer’s people for the success of the project. The craftsmen that were brought in by CR Meyer were very skilled in their respective crafts, had excellent work ethics and all worked towards a common goal.
Paper Industry Customer