Raumaster Equipment Installation

Grayling, MI

Industry: Pulp and Paper

Project Scope

This project involved the construction of a new particle board manufacturing facility from a greenfield site. The facility will have a production capacity of 800,000 cubic meters per year – making it the largest particle board plant in North America with the largest 10 ft wide continuous particle board press in the world. Installation of the Raumaster equipment was required to process wood chips and logs in preparation for storage, screening, and conveying of raw materials to the manufacturing process.

A large part of the project was the installation of an extensive network of conveyor bridge structures which equated to over 37 individual two crane picks that were successfully planned out with critical lift plans and set into place by the CR Meyer crew. The chip storage building was 120’ tall at the peak of their 45° roofs. The roof was too steep to stand and work on so the 130,000 square foot of roof sheathing needed to be performed out of aerial lifts to safely access and fasten down the sheets. Each sheet was individually lifted and set into place with the assistance of a crane.

Challenges faced on the project included a cold winter, high winds, rainy weather, and hot days as well as large members of the equipment installed on concrete foundations high above the existing grade.

Project Stats

  • Facility Size: 640 Acres
  • Duration: 10 Months
CR Meyer played a key role as a partner in the overall success of our project. The entire construction team was fully engaged and committed to delivering the successful results of being under budget, starting up early and attaining end-of-curve production in unprecedented time.
Paper Industry Customer