Proactive Safety Programs that Manage and Eliminate Hazards

CR Meyer is committed to a proactive safety program that manages hazards for the protection of our employees and the benefit of our customers. We believe that all injuries are preventable and that an injury-free environment is achievable.

  • The CR Meyer Risk Management Director oversees safety as well as the safety coordinators who actively manage safety through each of our nine offices.
  • All personnel are safety trained to a level that exceeds government stipulated standards.
  • Our safety policies are designed to make working safely a condition of employment.
  • Employees are placed in work tasks where their knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes correspond with the CR Meyer safety and health philosophy.
  • We require our employees to be A.W.A.R.E. (Anticipate, Work hazards And React Effectively).
  • We expect our people to take ownership of safety for ourselves and others.
  • We continuously assess hazards and take appropriate actions to constantly improve situations and behaviors that can be made safer.
  • All employees are authorized to address safety concerns.
  • We give the right and responsibility to question any work activity where there is a safety concern.

The CR Meyer Culture of Comprehensive Safety

  • Demonstrated management commitment
  • Site specific staffing for safety
  • Planning: pre-project and pre-task
  • Safety education: orientation and specialized training
  • Worker involvement
  • Evaluation and recognition/reward
  • Drug and alcohol testing/program
  • Accident/Incident investigations
  • Subcontract management

A Distinctively Strong Safety Record in a Tough Industry

CR Meyer is the first contractor in the nation to be selected for the Star Level of the OSHA VPP Mobile Workforce Demonstration Program for the state of Wisconsin in 2006

The AGC (Associated General Contractors) of Wisconsin recognized CR Meyer as their first Level III WI Safety Excellence (WISE) recipient.


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8 days after start-up - the Paper Machine has safely achieved the five-day average end-of-curve rates for yield, waste, and uptime 20 days ahead of the start-up curve! This is a huge accomplishment and we cannot thank you enough for your contributions.
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