New Powerhouse Project

Twin Falls

Industry: Hydro/Power Generation

Project Scope

The Owner received a FERC License Amendment and other approvals, authorizing the design and construction for the re-development of their Hydroelectric Project. The existing facility includes a powerhouse with three 1,248-kilowatt (kW) generating units and two 1,200-kW generating units, for a total installed capacity of 6,144-kW. The facility also includes a combination of earthen and concrete dams and radial gated spillways to form the impoundment.

Based on a series of feasibility studies and investigations, the Owner determined that the optimum redevelopment plan was to construct a new 9-megawatt (MW) capacity powerhouse with two 4.5-MW SAXO turbines and an addition of a new three-bay radial gateway spillway.

The project delivery approach focused on: Integrated project operations by Owner, Engineer, and Contractor; total capital budget based project goal and detailed financial control; value based engineering, procurement and construction decision process; effective risk management process and contingency control; and use of cellular sheet pile structures for temporary cofferdam and permanent closure dam.

Project Stats

  • Power Generation: 9MW with 2 x 4.5 MW SAXO Turbines
  • 37,000 Cubic Yards of Rock Excavation and 15,000 Cubic Yards of Concrete
  • 700 Tons of Rebar
  • 360 Tons of Sheet Pile for 7 – 30’ Diameter Cofferdam Cells
Please let your team know they did a great job with this project and their approach to taking the task on was recognized as World Class.
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