Filtration Project

Neenah, WI

Industry: Pulp and Paper

Project Scope

The Owner wanted to convert an uncoated freesheet paper machine to a filtration paper machine. The conversion included the complete replacement of the Wet-End, reconfiguration of the Dryer Section, installation of a Thru-Air Dryer, and replacement of the Reel Section. This machine conversion utilized their 100-year-old existing building to accommodate the new machine footprint and load. CR Meyer’s in-house engineering team worked with a material testing company to assess the machine track capacity, design temporary supporting structure, advise the Owner on the structural repairs necessary and performed the required structural repairs.

CR Meyer’s unique challenges were the limited crane accessibility for lifting equipment over the work area. Also, the operating floor did not have the capacity to get equipment out of the building. CR Meyer used barges and a crane in the canal located on the opposite side of the machine to perform a large portion of the overhead work. All this was completed without disrupting mill operations while also shortening the equipment installation time. The temporary shoring of aisle ways and the use of CR Meyer’s equipment platform allowed for the relocation of larger equipment on the operating floor.

Project Stats

  • Conversion of Paper Machine to Filtration Paper
  • CR Meyer Self-Performed: Civil, Structural, Rigging and Equipment Installation.
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