Internship Opportunities

CR Meyer recognizes that the talent of tomorrow are the students of today.  That’s why we offer many internship opportunities to students who are pursuing degrees related to the construction industry.   Typical degree programs include the following.

  • Construction Management
  • Civil/Structural Engineering
  • Occupational Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

A construction internship with CR Meyer provides real-world, hands-on experience working on CR Meyer construction sites throughout the United States.  If you are interested in construction as a career path, there is no better way to learn the industry than to work in it prior to graduation.

For Design/Build internships, you will work alongside an experienced, well-respected design team that will mentor you along the way.  These internship opportunities are located in the CR Meyer corporate office in Oshkosh, WI.  Typical degree programs for this area include the following.

  • Architecture
  • Structural Design
  • Civil/Structural Engineering

Internships typically start in the Junior/Senior year of their degree and most interns choose to return for more than one internship period.  After graduation, a full-time position may be waiting for you at CR Meyer.  No resumes to send out, applications to complete or interviews to attend.  Your full-time career in the construction industry starts after you receive your diploma.

If you are interested in an internship opportunity at CR Meyer, let’s talk!  All of our CR Meyer offices are open to internship opportunities, and it all starts with submitting your resume.  Please use the “General Inquiries” link at left to submit your resume.

The crew did an excellent job making sure work was completed safely and productively. Everything was accomplished ahead of schedule, and the plant was left in a clean and safe manners
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