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Eight Flags Energy Project wins CHP Project of the Year Award

December 20, 2016

Chesapeake Utilities Corporation project received the Combined Heat & Power (CHP) 2016 Award of the Year.   This award was presented at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida on December 13, 2016 during the Power-Gen International Conference.

The company’s new ~20-MW Eight Flags Energy CHP plant on Amelia Island in Florida uses natural gas to generate three sources of energy: electricity, hot water, and steam. Chesapeake subsidiary Florida Public Utilities (FPU) will purchase the electricity for distribution to its 16,000 retail customers on Amelia Island, while Rayonier Performance Fibers (Rayonier), a pulp mill owned by Rayonier Advanced Materials, will purchase the hot water and steam for use at its cellulose specialties production facility. The project is a perfect example of the ways in which utilities can take advantage of the high efficiencies and lower environmental footprints associated with CHP technologies.

The new plant relies on a 21.7-MW Solar Titan 250 gas turbine operating at over a 95-percent capacity factor. A Rentech HRSG recovers waste heat to produce over 75,000 lbs/hour of superheated steam at 150 psig. The system also includes a secondary hot water economizer to route over 600 gpm of heated demineralized water to Rayonier’s boilers, recovering another 16 mmBtu/hour of waste heat.

Sterling Energy served as Owner’s Engineer and CR Meyer served as Project Construction Manager/General Contractor. The plant was commissioned in June 2016.

To learn more about the details of Eight Flags Energy’s project, click on the link below: