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CR Meyer implements new software

March 2, 2020

CR Meyer has recently implemented a new software, FabPro, at their fabrication shop. FabPro is a cloud-based fabrication management tool that tracks productivity and status of everything that moves through the shop workflow.

Focused on granular tracking, FabPro brings in information from models in Autodesk Revit® and Autodesk Fabrication CADmep® as well as drawings manually uploaded from the field in order to track each material, cut, and assembly in real-time.

Britton Langdon, president of MSUITE, said “FabPro has improved productivity at some of our users by up to 40%. By eliminating the need for guesswork behind the status and productivity metrics of a project, FabPro greatly reduces communication issues on projects.”

CR Meyer is excited to use this new software and see the benefits of its improved productivity through real-time production tracking and data collection.