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CR Meyer assists Menominee Park Zoo with Bald Eagle exhibit

March 5, 2021

City of Oshkosh Press Release

Oshkosh, Wis. March 5, 2021 – It is with great excitement that Menominee Park Zoo announces the addition of a bald eagle to its educational collection! The new federally permitted raptor exhibit is now home to Cayuga, a six year old male bald eagle from Cornell University Wildlife Health Clinic, Ithaca, New York. Since 2015, Cayuga has been under professional care and rehabilitation due to a gunshot wound. The injury resulted in a partial amputation of his left wing which prevented him from being released back to the wild. The professional team from the Cornell Raptor Program worked with him in hopes of making him an active educational species. Through research and networking efforts with various rehabilitation centers and sanctuaries, Menominee Park Zoo connected with the Cornell Raptor Program regarding Cayuga’s position. After careful consideration it was decided our new exhibit would enhance the eagle’s quality of life and provide quality education to zoo visitors.

Menominee Park Zoo is a journey of wildlife discovery, many of the animals are native to the Midwest, and all of the zoo exhibits encourage patrons to learn and appreciate the importance of wildlife and conservation. The presence of a bald eagle, the pride of the American skies and symbol of freedom, is a welcome addition to the zoo. Zookeepers look forward to providing sanctuary to this magnificent species.

We would like to thank the National Eagle Center of Wabasha, MN and the Cornell Raptor Program. The support and commitment from Tiffany Ploehn, National Eagle Center’s Avian Care Manager and Heather J. Huson, the Cornell Raptor Program’s Director, were instrumental in a successful transition. We would like to recognize the following individuals and organizations for their financial contributions and generosity; the City’s Menominee Park Zoo Fund, the Jim Ryan Menominee Zoo Fund, the Altrusa Club, Oshkosh Zoological Society, Oshkosh Area Community Foundation, Tom and Penny Harenburg, The Howard, and CR Meyer.

Opening day for Menominee Park Zoo is May 1, 2021 and we hope you include visiting the new eagle exhibit on your list of places to see this summer. If you are interested in learning more about the animals and birds found at the zoo, or how to make a donation to Menominee Park Zoo, please visit the Oshkosh Zoological Society’s website – Find information about Menominee Park Zoo at